"Untitled" (2009), Beth Deguara, PorosityC8 Studio, Shanghai

Thank you for your interest in the Rare Earth 创设纪-稀土 Studio/LAB in Shanghai.

Rare Earth 创设纪-稀土 is a cross-disciplinary studio which requires participant travel to Shanghai, China to take part in a intensive two week studio/LAB. Students may enrol in the studio as an elective at The College of Fine Art (COFA), The University of New South Wales.

Places are available now.

This elective is comprised of tutorials, consultations, online studio and a two-week intensive studio and exhibition and is staged in collaboration with Donghua University Shanghai, PR China.
There are a total of 20 places available for 3rd and 4th year COFA and FBE students students at Rare Earth.
This program will offer a number of subsided places to assist with airfares and accommodation during the project.

3rd and 4th year COFA and FBE students will be able to enrol in the project as an elective using the following Porosity Studio codes:
Porosity Studio: Undergraduate Code SDES4754 Postgraduate Code SDES9754

For further details contact:
Ian McArthur
Feiying Ren

We look forward to receiving your application.